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The Man & the 1978 Mercury Cougar

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

I remember back in 2003 when my wife and I were broke. Yes. Broke. We were living in a 750 square foot apartment. Our rent was $375 a month, and we had no car. However, we did have about $1200 saved up. I looked through the newspaper (this was before craigslist & Facebook) and called a few people who had cars for under $1100. I found a fellow who said he was selling his 1986 Pontiac Station Wagon, because he finally bought his dream car.

So I called a friend to take me to look at the Pontiac Wagon. The man lived alone in a building consisting of all one bedroom apartments with all residents retired or on disability. The car was fine and I purchased it for $800. After doing the paperwork and going back outside, I then asked the man what was his dream car. He pointed and said “That Mercury right there.”   He then stated, “I am living my dream: retired, got my own place, and now driving my dream car.”

The man pointed toward a 1978 Mercury Cougar.

This man lived in an apartment as small as - if not smaller than - the one we were in with our newborn son, and he said this was living a dream. Ponder that for a minute.

I understood what he was saying the moment he said it even though it was a bit of a shock. Why would someone want that old car? Why would he want to live in a mid-rise apartment building with so many neighbors?

But hold on! This was HIS dream. Not mine. Not Bob’s. Not Steve’s. Nor was it Trish’s dream. It was HIS dream.

Many times people are reluctant to say what their dreams are because of what others may say. No two people on earth will have the exact same dream life. Two people growing up in the same small town may both want to retire by age 50 and own farms. However, the farms will not be the same. Everyone doesn’t want a mansion and luxury cars. Some people’s dream life is a cabin in the woods and a truck. What the man showed me was that some people’s dreams are so simple that many people may think they are not reaching high enough. However, HIS dream was to enjoy his life with his dream car in a low maintenance environment that was all his.

What is your dream? Moreover, what is stopping you from achieving it?

Whether it is a 1978 Cougar, a 2015 Fiat, or a 2017 Corvette Z06, go get it. It’s your dream car and it is waiting on you. House on the beach, cabin in the woods, farm house on 15 acres. Go get it. It is waiting on you. Your dream isn’t going anywhere.

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