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7 Tips That Will Make You Gain More Hours in Your Week

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

When it comes to time we all have one thing in common: we each get 24 hours in a day. To some those 24 hours do not seem to be enough. Here are seven easy to do tips to gain more hours to your week.

  • On Sunday get all of your clothes out for the week.

Iron and hang up each outfit for the entire workweek. Doing this will make this nightly (or morning) ritual go away. Also, you will know beforehand if that shirt has a rip in it before you make your way out the door.

  • Pack your lunch with dinner leftovers.

Unless you get free lunch at work, this tip will save you time and money. Once you have finished eating and are about to put away the leftovers, place them in microwavable containers. Once lunch time arrives, all you have to do is place your lunch in the microwave. You will be eating and enjoying your lunch without standing in a line waiting to order.

  • On Monday take your lunch for the week.

This could be an addition to number two. There was nurse whose office was down the hallway from me. On Monday she would bring to work a loaf of bread, sandwich meat, and sliced cheese. In her office she also kept in the refrigerator mayo, soda, and water. This not only saved her time but also saved her money.

  • Make your coffee at home.

This is one of the tips I live by. Every night before I go to bed I set up the coffee maker. In the morning all I have to do is hit the switch on the coffee maker and by the time I am ready to head out of the door the coffee is ready.

Note: We bought reusable as well as disposable coffee cups.

  • Cut back on TV

Yes. I said it. It may not be something popular to say. However, cutting back on the time you spend watching TV will greatly increase the time you have to do other things. Ask yourself: What will I actually miss if I stopped watching [Name Show]? I had to do this myself. There were so many shows that I had to watch that it interfered with getting anything done. Once I realized that missing the shows wouldn’t hurt me I pretty much stopped watching TV altogether.

  • Put your phone down

Yes. Unpopular statement number two. I know many people would not know what to do without their phones. However, looking at your phone all day distracts you from seeing what is going on around you. Also, if you are working towards a goal looking at the phone is taking away time that you cannot get back.  Block out some time in your day that you will set the phone down and concentrate on yourself. There have been numerous weekends where I cut my phone off and placed it on the mantle so that I could get work done.

  • Find another route to work

For those who drive to work: Is there another route you can take to get to work? I remember when I worked in Charlotte the 9-mile drive to work took 40 minutes. I took the time one day to look online at alternate routes from our apartment to my office. I saw there was a neighborhood I could turn in that sat between the main road going into Charlotte and the neighborhood next to the office. Making that one turn saved me 15 minutes each morning thereafter.

Everyone has their own little trick to save themselves time. Remember if you can save 10 minutes a day, you have given yourself an extra hour for the week. Now if you can save yourself an hour each weekday, then you will gain almost an entire day in a month. I do believe deep down that the seven tips above will create for you 30 minutes or more extra time per day. Remember, time is the one thing that you cannot get back once you have spent it.


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