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Are You A Country Boy?

Living in the country. Driving a truck. Working with your hands. Those are just a few characteristics that come to mind when people hear the term Country Boy. Yet, does everyone who claims to be a Country Boy qualify to hold that title? Here at Country Boy Motivation we have come up with a (not so scientific) questionnaire to see if you (or said person in your life) is a Country Boy.

Give yourself one point for each “Yes”.

1) You own a truck.

2) You always have your pocket knife.

3) You know more than two ways to use chicken liver.

4) You live in the country or a rural area.

5) You have killed a spider with your bare hand.

6) There are fruit and/or vegetables growing around your house that you planted.

7) You own a tool box.

8) You have a dog.

9) You have caught a fish. Cleaned said fish. And cooked it.

10) You have boots for work and boots for going out. They may be one in the same.

11) You have a favorite hammer and no one is allowed to use/borrow it.

Bonus Points

1) Plus one if your truck is 15 years old or older

2) Plus one if your dog is 7 years or older

3) Plus one if you have eaten the fruit or veggie straight off the tree/vine

4) Plus one if this is your favorite hat (CBM shameless plug)

Now it’s time to subtract

1) Minus one if you still own your original 10mm socket

2) Minus 2 if you do not know what’s a 10mm socket

3) Minus 2 if your truck has more clean days than dirty days

What’s your total?

10 or more – Bonafide Country Boy. Truck gassed, scope zeroed in, and pocket knife sharp.

7-9 – You are a Country Boy and no one can deny it.

6-8 – You have friends who are Country Boys.

3-5 – You watch tv shows about being outdoors and rural living.

1-2 – City slicker.

If you are a real Country Boy, look below and share this article. Ladies, if you have a real Country Boy in your life, look below and share this article.

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