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Kids, Quarantine, & 7 Things To Do

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

There’s only so much coloring and steaming that can be done before kids start getting jittery. Their toys start getting boring, videos games are conquered, and then boredom sets in. Here are a few things you can do with the kiddos during this time of extreme family togetherness.

1.  Board games.

Look deep within the hall closet, or on the floor behind that pile of clothes in the kid’s closet. There is a board game or two that hasn’t been played in a while.

2.  Take Photos around yard

Cut on the camera feature on your cell phone. Let the kids walk around the yard and take photos of all the leaves, bugs, rocks, etc… Then come back in the house and look up all of the items that the kids took photos of. This can be blended in with some biology, earth science, or gardening.

3. Gardening

Have the kids plant a small garden in the yard. The garden doesn’t have to be big. The garden can even be planted in pots along the porch or sidewalk. This gives the kids something to do, teaches patience, and responsibility. They will also enjoy the “fruits of their labor”. Pun intended.

4. Bake something

What kid doesn’t love cookies and muffins? Most homes have what it takes to make these: eggs, flour, baking soda, baking powder, sugar, milk, water, oil. A quick search online and one can find easy to make recipes that the kids will love.

5. FaceTime family and friends The kids are stuck at home. Their friends are stuck at home. Grandparents are stuck at home. How are you going to see each other: FaceTime.

6. Decorate shirts Do you have some old t-shirts? Any white t-shirts? Grab all the markers and pens in the house and sat them on the table. Have the kids design their own t-shirt. Note: Use washable markers and this can be done many times with the same shirt.

7. Create a nature scavenger hunt in the yard Write down a list of things in your yard. Give the list to the kids. Have the kids find the items in the yard. You could even take a picture of the items beforehand and have them printed out for the kids.

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