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Why You Too Should Own a Truck

Construction, lawn care, deliveries, and hauling are some of the things people think of when someone is talking about a truck. Like the pickup trucks of old, the new trucks still haul, tow, and move heavy items. However, today’s trucks have options of leather seats, high quality stereo systems, sun roofs, and even electrical outlets for the kids’ electronics.

Cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks all carry people from school, practice, shopping, and grandma’s house. However, there are reasons why no one sings about their new SUV or crossover.

Here are seven reasons everyone should own a truck.

1) Towing/Hauling Want to go grab some wood for the fireplace? Need to get the kids a playhouse? Someone set an old patio set out on the road and you would like fix up for your patio? No more hunting down a friend or family member every time you need something moved or brought home.

“Never have to ask someone to haul something for you.” – Kathy Self

2) Family Vehicle

When most people think of “the family car” they think of sedans and minivans. Trucks today are made to be the family car. There are four full doors, spacious back seats, and back seat amenities for young and old.

“They make the cabs big enough to carry multiple passengers.” – Dr. Steven Weems

3) Dirty Stuff

Ever move bags of dirt and sand in the trunk of the car for an outdoor home project? Afterwards, how does one go about cleaning out all the spilled dirt? Vacuum? Hmmm. The same spilled dirt in a truck bed can be rinsed out with a garden hose (or left in the bed for the next rain shower to take care of it). For those who stay in rural areas of the country and do not have garbage pickup, they have to take their trash to the trash compactor. No one wants to carry bags of trash in their car.

4) Make Money

Need a few extra bucks? One could haul wood, deliver appliances, help friends and neighbors move. The possibilities are endless. No one calls the sedan owner to help move anything (unless there is a moving truck near).

“Independence and money making opportunities.” – John Dixon III

5) Variety

There are as many trucks as there are cars to pick from. All of the major auto makers have more than one truck to choose from. The average truck owner will get a half-ton truck: F-150, Chevy 1500, RAM 1500, Nissan Titian, or Toyota Tundra. However, for those who still want a truck but not the gas bill the half-ton trucks, there are compact trucks: Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, and Chevy Colorado. The compact trucks may be small; however, they have the same interior space as a sedan.

6) Value

Even a 15 year old truck still can haul, tow, help friends move, and pull someone out of a ditch. For those reasons, trucks hold their value.

7) First Car

Old trucks (or ole trucks) make the best first cars.

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