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Having grown up in a house with nine other people, sharing one bathroom, Shawn now lives with his wife and two sons on a mini-farm in Louisiana. There they grow various fruit trees and raise chickens. Having a mini-farm was a dream of his that he finally achieved. Now now he’d like to share the power of attaining goals with those around him.

Shawn attended and graduated from Alabama A&M University where he earned a BA in Communications with a Minor in Human Development . He later went on to earn a MA from Legacy Bible College.

Throughout the years, Shawn has given numerous motivational and educational presentations to high schools, colleges, youth groups, juvenile detention facilities, Job Corps, and many others. Shawn is a professional and charming speaker with a strong desire to see others flourish in the lives they’re given. If you need someone to pick you up and help you discover your passion and dreams, this is the guy you want. Shawn is more than a speaker: he is a friend, who is here to help you live the best life possible.

More than a speaker, Shawn is a country boy who is motivated to always be an example of true manhood:







Not afraid to get his hands dirty